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Odoo August 30, 2021

A versatile ERP system, Odoo can handle a variety of day-to-day company processes. From manufacturing to inventory to eCommerce to […]

Odoo August 30, 2021

Shopify is a popular cloud-based eCommerce platform with multiple channels designed for small & medium-sized enterprises. The eCommerce businesses merge […]

Odoo August 27, 2021

Someone has truly said, ‘’The First impression is the last impression”. Business experts set up different interiors and store themes […]

Odoo August 27, 2021

We all understand the Importance of a backend theme in Odoo. It not only makes the Odoo backend look better […]

Odoo August 26, 2021

A backend theme is what makes the Odoo background interesting and efficient. It adds several functionalities to the Odoo backend […]

Odoo August 20, 2021

ERP-based CRM systems have now become an indispensable need for all kinds of enterprises from different industries. It becomes even […]

Odoo August 18, 2021

Businesses that came to an uncertain path after the pandemic outbreak are slowly returning on track with the strategic measures […]

Odoo August 17, 2021

Do you know the fact that CRM makes it to the utmost in-demand enterprise software in the world after ERP? […]

Odoo July 20, 2021

Choosing the right partner who can have your back in difficult times is indeed the most crucial part while getting […]

Odoo July 9, 2021

Odoo is known as one of the most trusted ERP systems out there that you can easily find in manufacturing […]

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    Method Decorators in Odoo

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    Odoo . March 21, 2022

    Odoo supports several decorators two among them are ‘onchange’ and ‘depends’ decorators. We are going to discuss the api-onchange and […]

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