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national stock exchange logo ksolves We’re India’s First App Development Company Enlisted in National Stock Exchange (NSE)
national stock exchange logo ksolves We’re India’s First App Development Company Enlisted in National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • David Ogles

    David Ogles


    Digitech Services Inc.

    Ksolves has been an invaluable partner to our business. Their product expertise coupled with an unwavering commitment to customer service has enabled our company to introduce new functionality to our customer base with zero issues. Their responsiveness to any question or request that we have presented ensures that our partnership will continue to grow. I highly recommend Ksolves and their products to any customer!

  • Kirill techcompany

    KiriLLTech Company

    Ksolves team is one of the professional teams in JavaScript and all their Odoo apps and themes are amazing. Dashboard Ninja module is wonderful, I am happy to purchase their modules as there is always a supporting hand available from them after the purchase until the project is delivered successfully. So Thanks, All Ksolves Team Specially Shivani you are our Success Partners in Odoo Projects!

  • Mahmoud Ali

    Mahmoud Ali

    Application manager


    It’s such a great team, very qualified and professional, it was a pleasure dealing with them. We deal with them in more than one difficult and complex task, and they are responsible and professional to finish it on time and with a high quality.

  • Aamer Adas

    Aamer Adas

    We are currently working with Ksolves Software Company in India to develop ERP Odoo program and as we have successfully completed the first phase implementation. Currently we are working with them to implement the second phase and since they have a work team consisting of several specialized programmers who work with high skills and professionalism, and at the same time are committed to delivering the required programming work on time. I express my great happiness to work with them and I say thank you to Ksolves.

  • William Cazara

    William Cazara

    Head of IT Operations

    S.J. GRAND

    We have been working with Ksolves on several development projects. Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the development cycle of our projects, and we were very pleased with the final results. They have shown enormous skill and vast domain knowledge and their experts are reliable and trustworthy. We would recommend Ksolves to anyone looking for quality IT development, delivered professionally.

  • Herbert Riener

    Herbert Riener



    We already bought different modules and are really satisfied not only with the product but also with the fast and excellent support.

  • Mohamed Hashi

    Mohamed Hashi

    Hey all and developer for this App this is one of the best app for Odoo community. A small suggestion it's always keep on showing Error in the log just because the name of some field is same which is not good sign of Development Please take care of it. rest this is awesome.

  • Ali Khalid

    Ali Khalid

    One of the best apps so far used. Give an excellent user experience and have provided very useful information in most appropriate and presentable manner for Management. Customer service is excellent and development team is very helpful. Thanks for the all support and help and wish you good luck.

  • Simon Powell

    Simon Powell

    I am a frequent odoo app user and their support is just the best. The app work with which was very important for me. Thanks ksolves team for the brillant app and help.

  • Green Board Company

    Green Board Company

    One of the best odoo dashboard out there if it isn't the best one. Great support team. It has been great working with Ksolves team. would definitely recommend their apps.

  • Frank Voglerx

    Frank Voglerx

    I just want to pass my compliments to the Ksolves team for making a great module. I have tested several apps to create visual dashboards in Odoo (v11), this is the only one that checks all the boxes. Very well designed, flexible and easy to use. Not only the module is great, the Ksolves team is very quick to reply to any query I have sent them, and they release new features in no-time. Even ahead of estimate in my case. If you're in the market for a Dashboard module for Odoo, this would be an excellent choice.

  • Rob Farrelly

    Rob Farrelly

    The Ksolves team is very responsive and accommodating, providing support and features in a timely manner. These dashboards have become a key component in our day to day workflow. Thank you.

  • Groupe Simop

    F2F, Groupe Simop

    Thank you, this plugin is very easy and our users are very satisfied. The support of Ksolves is very efficient too.