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Odoo Migration Services

If you are looking to incorporate new features and the top-notch advancements of the Odoo platform, Odoo migration is necessary. And, no one can do it better than us!

Odoo Migration Process

Requirement Phase

Here, the client provides migration data for the migration to happen
smoothly. Here is what's required:
  1. List of all the apps being used in the current system(addons and custom addons details)
  2. List of all the applications required for the Community/Enterprise version
  3. Database layouts(prevalent database details), Details about migration, etc.
  4. The complete System Workflow in existing system
  5. Details regarding server setup or any post-migration requirement

Migration Process

Here is a detailed database migration flowchart that we follow

Migration Phase

This is where the actual migration process takes place. Here’s how:

Code Migration

Migration of all the applications and addons utilized in the existing system takes place. A thorough understanding of all the module/apps layouts and functionality is required

Code Refactoring

It can be divided into two parts:
a. Applications/Modules Redesign
  • App migration redesign includes rewriting code based on the used functionality,
  • Removes all the outdated apps in higher version and uses the default ones(based on the default customization requirements)
b. Utilization of Odoo 14 Default Apps

If any apps are found in the latest Odoo version that utilize an existing system through customized apps, then the better one is detected and implemented.

Database Migration

The database migration includes migration of master data, transactional data, accounting balances, etc.

Reports and Layouts

If there are reports that need to be migrated, it is done at this stage.

Note: The estimation of the project can be made once the features and apps details are cleared.

Testing Phase

The Odoo Migration experts from Ksolves prepare a dummy test server to validate the data, functionalities, features, and workflow of the new system. All of these are matched with the older version. All the scripts and code in the latest backup are tested properly and all cases are test-run to ensure 100% quality.

Timeframe For Migration - A basic Idea

A. Requirement Phase 1.5 to 2 Week
B. Migration Phase
B.1 - Code Migration 1 to 2 Months
B.2 - Code Migration 1.5 to 2 Months
B.3 - Code Migration 2 to 3 Months
C. Testing Phase 2.5 to 3 Weeks
Total Effort 5 to 8.5 Months

Why Choose Ksolves For Migration

Our team includes the following things in migration that are complex to any migration approach
  • Migrate attachments
  • Migrate the messages and emails for chatter
  • Migrate customizations as well (hardly added in Odoo Support)

Migration Deliverables

On the deliverables, will share the following things:
  • The final and latest version of the Database
  • An application that is migrated during the process
  • SQL Queries used for the migration

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