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Odoo September 8, 2021

A user interface reflects the user experience. For any online platform to sustain itself, it should have an excellent user […]

Odoo September 7, 2021

Odoo Point of Sale or Odoo POS module offers numerous features and a user-friendly system for businesses that help in […]

Odoo September 6, 2021

Inventory is an important asset to any continuing business operation and is quoted as the current asset of the balance […]

Odoo September 3, 2021

Odoo is a cohesive suite of business applications that comprises modules for billing, accounting, project management, inventory management, purchasing, manufacturing, […]

Odoo September 3, 2021

ERP acts as a multi-layer structure. In this way, Odoo is also a fully-functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with […]

Odoo September 2, 2021

Every Odoo user knows the importance of a backend theme in making organizational operations efficient. A good backend theme not […]

Odoo September 2, 2021

Do you know the most substantial factor that often deviates the prospective businesspersons to opt for an Enterprise Resource Planning […]

Odoo September 1, 2021

As it is said, ‘Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence’; it is apparent […]

Odoo September 1, 2021

When it comes to buying an Odoo Backend Theme for your business, choosing the right company is of utmost importance. […]

Odoo August 31, 2021

When we use or inherit an old class or model, methods, properties, and views in the new class or model, […]

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    Method Decorators in Odoo

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    Odoo . March 21, 2022

    Odoo supports several decorators two among them are ‘onchange’ and ‘depends’ decorators. We are going to discuss the api-onchange and […]

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