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Odoo . January 30, 2022

Your business is working slowly because you do not have Odoo Office 365 connector. Everything changes in order to grow […]

Odoo Customization
Odoo . January 29, 2022

Odoo is one of the widely used business solutions offering various elements to a company. Odoo software has room to […]

Odoo Implementation
Odoo . January 27, 2022

Odoo is a suite of open-source enterprise management apps used widely to maintain and run a business smoothly. Every big […]

Encourage Your Employees with A Leaderboard Score in Odoo
Odoo . January 25, 2022

As per a common saying, “Some People Play to Win The Game, While Some Play to Win The Championship.” People […]

Accelerate Software Development Process
Odoo . January 24, 2022

We all know that most developers use Jenkins for continuous integration of their applications all over the world. In developers’ […]

Sales Forecast ERP
Odoo . January 23, 2022

Machine Learning is the Future of every Business!   Business can be unpredictable at any given time, as it is […]

List View Manager
Odoo . January 21, 2022

Lists are the form of displaying data in a long and vertical manner. Lists contain serial numbers, product names, and […]

Your Business Lacks Odoo Dynamic Financial Report
Odoo . January 20, 2022

Managers or CEOs can no longer wait for monthly or yearly financial reports to analyze business performance. Despite this, many […]

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    Method Decorators in Odoo

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    Odoo . March 21, 2022

    Odoo supports several decorators two among them are ‘onchange’ and ‘depends’ decorators. We are going to discuss the api-onchange and […]

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