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F&B Industry
Odoo . March 12, 2022

Case Study: The Changing Future of Food & Beverage Industry with Powerful Dashboard Introduction Restaurant and Bar Inventory data is […]

Odoo SaaS Development
Odoo . March 10, 2022

Odoo ERP application development is becoming increasingly vital for all sizes of enterprises, irrespective of their corporate use cases. A […]

Cloud ERP Solutions
Odoo . March 9, 2022

Cloud-based Odoo ERP has gained successful growth in recent years. It has become the staple element for managing businesses of […]

Manufacturing Industry
Odoo . March 7, 2022

Introduction The huge production of goods is in demand everywhere. Manufacturing industries face project management and inventory management problems. To […]

Dashboard Ninja for pharma
Odoo . March 5, 2022

Operating a pharmaceutical industry presents its own set of obstacles because the sector is becoming increasingly sophisticated and regulated. As […]

best Odoo theme
Odoo . March 3, 2022

Who has ever thought that ‘themes’ can also change your business structure? Earlier themes were the term that was used […]

Project Management
Odoo . March 1, 2022

According to research, every one in seven projects costs 200% of the estimated sum, and due to this, 86% of […]

Magento Odoo Integration
Odoo . February 28, 2022

Magento for Business Look no further than Magento if you are an eCommerce business owner and need a sophisticated platform […]

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    Method Decorators in Odoo

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    Odoo . March 21, 2022

    Odoo supports several decorators two among them are ‘onchange’ and ‘depends’ decorators. We are going to discuss the api-onchange and […]

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